Hugh Izzey​

Who Do I Think I Am?!?

     For over twenty years, I have been rhyming, writing, producing, directing, creating and managing musical artists (including myself). Unsatisfied with the trappings of the music industry at a young age lead me to developing my own brand, Hugh izzey Media, a company dedicated to showing the undiscovered gems in the underground and independent music scenes.

     Not wanting to be labeled and stereotyped and after years of  promoting and rapping as the opinionated Tommy Verb, I trekked away from my beloved hip-hop and found new inspirations inside an emerging subgenre of rock bka as alternative. As a lifelong writer, this drew me to start writing random rock melodies with my own special twist. Once I started writing again my path became clear and I haven't stopped since.

     After amassing a lyrical catalog filled with the joys and pitfalls off my life, I crossed paths with a crew of musicians and further developed under the handle of Griffin Grey, the collision of black and white. One the highlights, was being able to incorporate both of my interests as a recording artist, singing and rapping.

     Over the years, I have been known by many names (markers of my maturing talent). MC the Mighty Chimp, King Rell, Tommy Verb, Half of HuNow (which evolved into Hugh Izzey- cuz after all...Who is he?) and last but not least, Mr. Well himself, 'ole Griffin Grey.

My latest endeavor, Look Hughs Talking (and Look Hughs Talking N.O.W.) are my podcasts which aim to showcase the passion of the independent artist. With 30k listens, I am doing just that...